Watershed Facts

Land and Water

  • Acres: 2,893,095 (appx. 4,500 square miles)
  • Miles of Streams: 9,548
  • Number of 4th Field Watersheds: 3 (Lower Crooked, Upper Crooked, Beaver/South Fork)
  • Number of 5th Field Watersheds: 32
  • Highest Point: 6,926 ft. (Lookout Mountain)
  • Lowest Point: 1,900 ft. (Lake Billy Chinook)
  • Average Precipitation: 8” (western plateau) to 34” (Ochoco Mountains)
  • Percent of Total Water Use by Agriculture: 99%
  • Percent of Total Water Use from Surface Water Sources: 95%
  • Percent of Total Water Use from Ground Water Sources: 5%

Land Ownership

  • Percent Private Land: 41%
  • Percent BLM: 35%
  • Percent USFS: 23%
  • Percent State of Oregon: 1%
  • Percent of Land Adjacent to Streams that is Privately Owned: 51%
  • Counties Within the Watershed: 7 (Crook, Wheeler, Grant, Harney, Lake, Deschutes, Jefferson)

Socio-Economic Data

  • Watershed Population: 32,030 (2002)
  • Incorporated Communities: Prineville and a portion of Redmond
  • Unincorporated Communities: Brothers, Culver, Hampton, Millican, Paulina, Post, Powell Butte, O’Neil and a portion of Crooked River Ranch
  • Top 5 Agricultural Commodities: Cattle and Calves, Misc. Crops, Hay and Grass Seed, Wheat, Vegetables

Fish and Wildlife Resources

  • Number of Native Fish Species: 17 (Redband Trout are the most numerous)
  • Number of Introduced, Non-Native Fish Species: 12
  • Number of Species of Mammals: 78
  • Number of Species of Birds: 182
  • Number of Species of Reptiles: 16
  • Number of Species of Amphibians: 10
  • Number of State or Federally Listed Species: 42
  • Number of Miles Above Lake Billy Chinook that Steelhead Were Documented Prior to Dam Construction: 122

Land Use

  • Top 3 Industries: Forest Products, Agriculture, Recreation and Tourism
  • Percent of Land Classified as Range: 70%
  • Percent of Land Classified as Forest: 25%
  • Percent of Land Classified as in Crop Production: 4%
  • Percent of Land Classified as Urban/Residential: 1%

Specially Designated Lands

  • Number of State Parks: 3 (Smith Rock, Cove Palisades, Prineville Reservoir)
  • Number of Wilderness Areas: 1 (Mill Creek, 17,300 acres)
  • Number of Wild and Scenic River Segments: 3 (North Fork Crooked River, Crooked River (Chimney Rock Segment and Lower Crooked River Segment))
  • Number of Wild and Scenic River Miles: 52.6

Crooked River Watershed Council, 498 SE Lynn Blvd, Prineville, OR 97754, 541-447-8567

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