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The Bowman Dam Golden Anniversary Report provides a brief history and overview of the project, summarizes the past 50 years of benefits provided, and offers views into the possible future of Bowman Dam.

The Golden Anniversary Report presents the historic context and needs for the dam located on the Crooked River in Crook County, Oregon. It also briefly describes the authorization process and purposes for construction; chiefly irrigation & flood control.  Benefits of the project are presented in economic terms for both primary purposes.  Projections for the next 50 years are presented to spur thought about possibilities and conjectures of what the benefits could be over that period. Historic photos are embedded throughout and in the appendix to provide visual support for the narrative. 

This report was produced with the assistance of many partners, including Ochoco Irrigation District, the U.S.  Bureau of Reclamation, and local government.

Crooked River Watershed Council, 498 SE Lynn Blvd, Prineville, OR 97754, 541-447-8567

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